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Thursday, 18 July 2013

This classic"ebony and ivory" chess set will adorn your space as well as enable you to play the game. Only the ebony is bison's horn and ivory is camel bone-again procured from dead animals .

The mugal Emperors, engraved on the borders of this shields with the art of koftgari,are long gone but these protective armors are still the hallmark of the brave-hearted like you.

The blend of tanjore (Gold-foiled) painting and Jaipur miniature painting is your window into royalty .

Dancing Lady

Observe the fine carving in the mat as well is in the ambari (siting area) on the back of the elephant in this award winning piece .

Nothing can compare with this ornate Natraj-dancing Shiva to be your muse to dance to rhythm of life. Delicately crafted in wood and sheet ed with silver. its a must have for that corner of your living room .

These folk musician,one on dhol and other playing Shehnai, along with dancers in the background,are ready to welcome and entertain your guests.

The Silver-plated jewelry box in copper is given a timeless , oxidized look , a treasured possession on your dressing table.

These are the three pacifying Buddha idols in varied looks to match to every mood of yours and every interiors of your house..

Lord Krishna plays the flute as calves are the mesmerized audience . A traditional scene in crafted in modern fashion by use of just right amount of pastels to highlight expressions and embellishment .

A contemporary ballerina is rendered a traditional twist with a mellow-colored sash embossed with paisleys covering the figure . The statue resembles female anatomy so much as if its is waiting to touch for its prince to bring it to life.

A pair of these ferocious lion at the gate of your house act as custodians according to Chinese mythology.

Baby elephant jumps in euphoria. put him in entrance of your home and Lord Ganesha perched on the gold leafed mat will gurad your heaven and bring good omen to your lives..

This Ram-Darbar with ideals of Lord Rama , Siita ,Lakshman and Hanuman will sooth you instantly . Its set against a background with filigree.

Shri Krishna ensconced between delicate lotus petals. In spite of being sculpted in marble , intricacies in his garments and hair,shades over his eye-lids and that of tilak are coming out closet to reality.

Handmade Ganesha in Makrana Marble

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